Transportation Focus

Our Fleet of 34 vehicles are key to our Day and Residential Program operations. With thousands of individual journeys a month our fleet transports our clients to and from all of our operational sites and from a very wide catchment area to transport clients in to our Programs from their own homes and from the Residential Programs of other agencies that do not have an appropriate Day Program. On top of this primary transportation our vehicles go on hundreds of activities each month, something that our clients would be unable to do without our fleet, Be it shore trips in the summer, a bowling outing, a trip to the park, our thrice weekly swimming in Sussex County, weekly dance and tae kwon do classes, as well as countless visits to local stores and libraries our clients are never still without these willing workhorses.

Our fleet does not just provide client activity transportation, it provides routine and emergency transportation to doctors, dentists and hospitals, we go on countless medical visits a month using fleet vehicles for each and every one of them.

Each vehicle in our fleet has a GPS tracker installed to notify of speed limit breaches and to monitor and
identify the location of each vehicle at any moment in time in the event of an incident or emergency. Our fleet also has a state of the art camera system that both monitors client safety in the vehicles as well as giving a drivers eye view of the vicinity in the case of a vehicle accident or incident as well as being able to monitor our drivers from a management perspective.

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